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Grandstream HA100 IP PBXS Phone

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Grandstream, HA100, IP PBXS Phone,

It connects two UCM6510 modules together and continuously monitors high availability.
Unsuccessful solution with an intelligent failure that automatically crashes on standby UCM6510 when the original solution fails.
Up to 14 LEDs show real-time status of all communication lines, network connections, auxiliary devices, etc.
Unauthorized ARP SIP endpoint updates the new UCM6510 Mac address without interruption.
Fast system conversion time 10 to 50 seconds depending on the recorded end points

EG-Tech Grandstream HA100

HA100 Overview:

HA100 provides automatic failure for UCM6510 IP PBX. When connected between two devices, the UCM6510 HA100 continuously monitors the operation of both UCM6510s and switches system control (including all connected links, network links, auxiliary devices, and all SIP endpoints previously registered on the main UCM6510) into the secondary UCM6510. Preparing for the main UCM6510 module failure. Depending on the SIP end points recorded, it may take 10 to 50 seconds to complete the entire system switch. With intelligent control and automatic fall capability, the HA100 is a highly accessible solution suitable for the UCM6510, which increases overall system reliability and operating time.

EG-Tech Grandstream HA100

Stay Connected:

The HA100 is ideal for any business that needs a always-lit, non-renewable audio system because, combined with two IP PBXs, the UCM6510 provides automatic failure resolution. The unit continuously monitors the operation of each UCM6510s and automatically switches all system controls to standby UCM6510 if the main unit fails for any reason.
Grandstream’s HA100 works as a high availability controller for the UCM6510 IP PBX. HA100 ensures that your system will continue to operate in the event of a major device failure. The HA100’s maximum access control can be completed in less than 10 seconds and up to 50 seconds.

EG-Tech Grandstream HA100

HA100 Datasheet

  • Connects and constantly monitors two UCM6510 together for high availability
  • Smart failover solution that automatically switches to a hot-standby secondary UCM6510 if the primary one fails
  • Up to 14 LED indicators showing real-time status of all of the telecom lines, network links, auxiliary devices, etc
  • Gratuitous ARP forces SIP endpoints to refresh the MAC address of the new UCM6510 without interruptions
  • Fast 10 to 50 second system switching time depending on the number of registered endpoints


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