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Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

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Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

The professional-grade router offers speeds in addition to a dual-core processor designed to push data through the network at lightning-fast speeds.

With more than double the memory of its predecessor, it improves data transfer speeds so multiple users can simultaneously game, stream and transfer files without lag.

The four external antenna configuration expands Wi-Fi coverage and improves signal strength. The router is Open Source-ready for users who want to customize their firmware.

EG-Tech Linksys WRT1900ACS


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WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

At a Glance:

  • 1.6GHz dual-core processor for faster throughput speeds
  • 512MB of RAM for improved storage capacity and data transfer rates
  • Dual wireless bands deliver speeds up to N600 + AC1300 Mbps
  • Optional Open Source firmware for advanced users

Professional-Grade 1.6GHz Processor Handles Multiple Users

The WRT1900ACS boasts a faster, more powerful 1.6GHz dual-core ARM processor that can handle copious amounts of data extremely fast to easily support multiple online users and digital devices at once. Households won’t suffer slow transfer rates when web surfing, video streaming, online gaming, and transferring large files, allowing for multitasking without lag.

More Memory for Faster Data Transfers

The WRT1900ACS comes equipped with 512MB of RAM to move movies, music, and other large files at faster speeds. Possessing more than double the memory of its predecessor, the WRT1900ACS improves data transfer speeds, allowing you to do more in less time. The large memory, combined with the 1.6 GHz dual-core ARM processor, provides improvements in wired, wireless, and storage device performance.

Four High-Performance Antennas Enhance Dual-Band Wi-Fi Coverage

The Linksys WRT1900ACS features four external adjustable antennas to ensure optimal coverage and maximum signal strength. By utilizing four high performance antennas, the router enhances dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) performance to expand Wi-Fi coverage. High-power amplifiers help maximize signal strength and coverage, even in multistory homes.

Beamforming Creates Stronger, Faster Connections

With Wireless-AC technology, the WRT1900ACS router leverages Beamforming, an innovative technology that enables the router to strengthen the wireless signal to specific devices, rather than simply sending out Wi-Fi in a general direction. This results in faster network speeds, better wireless range, and stronger Wi-Fi connections.

Flexible Connectivity with eSATA, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 Port

The WRT1900ACS is built for an array of digital devices using the USB 3.0 or the eSATA/USB 2.0 combo port. With the eSATA port, users who prefer to attach an external SATA storage device can utilize the eSATA cable that came with their storage unit and benefit from optimal data transfer speeds. The eSATA port can also be used as a USB 2.0 port.

Open Source-Ready

Advanced users can further customize the WRT1900ACS, which will have Open Source firmware from third-party websites. Developed for use with OpenWRT, an open-source, Linux-based operating system, the router can be modified to suit a particular application.

Wireless Repeater Mode and Wireless Bridge Mode for a More Powerful Wi-Fi Network Signal

Users who own a second WRT1900ACS will enjoy a more powerful wireless signal using the Wireless Repeater and Wireless Bridge modes. Now you can extend the Wi-Fi signal for both of the router’s dual bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with Wireless Repeater Mode, or just one of the bands with Wireless Bridge Mode. Either option effectively turns the WRT1900ACS into a powerful range extender or wireless bridge, adding range and speed to wired and wireless connections on your network.

Set Boundaries with Parental Controls

Ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids even if you’re away from home. Use the app to restrict access to inappropriate content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet.

Linksys Smart WiFi

Guest Access

Device Prioritization

Parental Controls

Linksys WRT1900ACS


Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

  • Network Standards:
  • IEEE 802.11a
  • IEEE 802.11b
  • IEEE 802.11g
  • IEEE 802.11n
  • IEEE 802.11ac
  • Radio Frequency Bands: 2.4 & 5GHz
  • Ports: Power, Internet, Ethernet (1-4), USB 3.0, USB 2.0 / eSATA combo
  • LEDs: Power, Internet, Ethernet (1-4), Protected Setup, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, eSATA, USB1, USB2
  • Buttons: Reset, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Power

Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)

Storage Temperature: -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)

Operating Humidity: 10 to 80% Noncondensing

Max. Link Rate: 1300 Mbps

Platform Compatibility:

Windows XP

Windows Vista 32/64

Windows 7 32/64

Windows 8 32/64

Windows 8.1 32/64

Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Windows 10 32/64


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